What kind of sexy underwear wearing a fat sister

The body is different, and the selection of sexy underwear is not the same.Fat sister also needs to pay special attention when choosing sexy underwear to highlight the beauty of the figure, while avoiding high -regrets.So, what kind of sexy underwear is wearing?This article will answer this question one by one.

1. High waist underwear

High -waist underwear is indispensable when choosing sexy underwear.It can hide the lower abdomen, while highlighting the hip curve, making the figure look more slender.When choosing, it is recommended to choose soft underwear to ensure comfort and penetration.

2. Shaping the corset

The chest is the most characteristic part of women. Putting on a suitable sexy underwear can shape the chest shape a more perfect curve.For fat sisters, it is recommended to choose a corset that can hold the chest to make the chest shape more upright, and it can improve the proportion of the figure.

3. Lace cover

Lace cover is a soft and sexy lingerie style, which is very suitable for fat sisters.It can provide certain support and shaping effect while focusing on comfort. More importantly, its lace lace design can increase the sexy image of women.

4. Bid waist underwear

Bid waist underwear is a sexy lingerie style suitable for fat girls. It can tighten the lower abdomen and improve the waist lines, making the figure more slender.Moreover, the pressure design it uses can help eliminate excess water in the body and reduce physical fatigue.

5. Fat mm breast

The bras are one of the most basic styles of women’s sexy underwear. For fat sisters, it is important to buy the appropriate size.It is recommended to choose a loose shoulder strap and strap to better support the chest and avoid the disturbance of underarms.At the same time, the cup design of the bra should be reduced as much as possible.

6. Large -scale sexy underwear

Large -scale sexy underwear design fits the figure of the fat sister, which can make her more confident when wearing sexy underwear.In addition, large -scale sexy underwear will also use elements such as suspenders and design lines, so that the figure of the fat sister is perfect.

7. Abdominal package sexy underwear

The abdomen package sexy underwear can tighten Zhang Song’s abdomen to reduce abdominal fat fat.This underwear is particularly designed for fat sisters, which contains the attitude towards life of fat sister to control her self -confidence.

8. Popular short sexy underwear

For the fat sister, it is more suitable for choosing short sexy underwear.It can cover the part above the hips, enhance the sense of figure, and show the beauty of confidence.

When choosing a sexy underwear, the fat sister should choose the underwear style that is suitable for her body to show her advantages and avoid highlighting the shortcomings.Interest underwear is not only a good companion who spend time with yourself, but also an important element of showing his sexy and confident.

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