What procedures are needed for Taobao sex underwear

What is Taobao sex underwear?

Taobao sex underwear refers to a type of women’s underwear sold on Taobao. It is characterized by sexy, coquettish, personalized, unique. It usually uses some special materials or add some decorations to increase its visual effects, such as lace, stockings, stockings, stockings, stockings, stockings, Net socks, etc., are widely used in the sex products market.

What procedures do I need?

If you want to sell sexy underwear on Taobao, then you need to submit to Taobao’s application for settlement, register as a member of Taobao, open stores, and meet the relevant requirements of Taobao, such as company registration and tax registration.

Specific application step

When applying for opening a store on Taobao website, you need to submit your ID card and other related documents. You also need to fill in the store name, detailed address, contact telephone number, upload shop logo picture and other information, and follow the relevant Taobao regulations.

How to get sales qualifications?

After applying for a successful application, the quality certification of the store is required, including the business scope, business license, tax registration certificate, etc. to obtain sales qualifications.


When opening shops and sales of sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to some issues. For example, you cannot infringe intellectual property rights, cannot violate the requirements of Taobao websites, or maliciously evaluate buyers, otherwise you will be punished.

How to increase sales?

The market competition is fierce. How to increase sales is a question that merchants need to consider.It can increase sales through excellent product quality, reasonable price positioning, clever promotion methods, good customer service and other methods.

How to meet consumer needs?

For different consumer needs, different types of sexy underwear can be provided.For example, different colors, materials, styles, sizes, etc. are used to meet the needs of different consumers.

How to choose sexy underwear suppliers?

When selecting sexy underwear suppliers, you need to consider the supplier’s reputation, product quality, delivery speed, and after -sales service. At the same time, you must pay attention to price issues and choose cost -effective suppliers.

Industry trend and development

With the change of society and people’s ideas, the sexy underwear industry is gradually moving towards standardization and popularization, and the market prospects are broad.At the same time, the trend of sexy underwear has become increasingly obvious, and pays more attention to high -quality product design, manufacturing and distribution.


Taobao’s sex underwear industry is a field full of passion and challenges. It requires merchants to continue to innovate and improve, and adapt to changes in market demand in order to be favored by consumers and stand firmly.

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