What should I do if I can’t support sex underwear

1. Choose the correct underwear size

First of all, if your sexy lingerie cannot be supported, one of the most likely reasons is that the size is inappropriate.When buying underwear, make sure you measure your bust, lower bust and height to choose the correct size.If the size is too small, the underwear will squeeze your chest, causing it to be unable to support it.On the contrary, if the size is too large, the underwear will not be able to provide the required support.Remember, the size of each brand may be different. It is important to find the brand that suits you and buy the right size.

2. Choose a sexy underwear style that suits you

Different styles of sexy underwear are suitable for different chest shapes and figures.If you have a small chest, try to choose a pad underwear or bra.If you have a large breast, you will choose a underwear with a steel ring and a wide shoulder strap will be more suitable.When choosing a sexy lingerie style, you must choose the style that suits you according to your physical characteristics to obtain the best support effect.

3. Choose the right underwear material

The lingerie material also affects supporting support.Generally, elastic fabrics are more supportive than cotton fabrics.In addition, the materials and mats in the underwear are also important.Choose a high -quality internal cushion and a loose band underwear to better support the chest.

4. Make sure to wear underwear correctly

Even if you buy the correct size, style and material, it is very important to wear sexy underwear.Wearing underwear positions and tightening can affect the support effect of underwear.Make sure that the shoulder straps of the underwear are neat and loose, the steel ring is completely surrounded by the chest, and the elastic band at the bottom is close to the tight.If you have any discomfort when wearing underwear, it may be that the underwear is incorrect and needs to be adjusted.

5. Frequent underwear

Even if the appearance of the underwear looks good, its support effect will not exist permanently.After multiple use and cleaning, the elasticity and support of the underwear may be reduced.Therefore, changing underwear frequently is also an important factor to ensure that underwear can continue to provide support effects.Generally, changing sexy underwear every 6 months to 1 year is a good choice.

6. Avoid wearing too tight belt pants

Wearing too tight belt pants will limit your breathing and chest movements, which will cause tissue tissue to expand and press, affect the effect of supporting support.If you plan to wear sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose loose belt pants or skirts to avoid this.

7. Frequent chest massage

If your chest is often not able to support sexy underwear, it may be because the chest tissue is not compact enough, and chest massage is an effective way to stimulate the skin and tissue to enhance the firmness.Frequent chest massage can increase blood circulation, promote blood flow, make the chest healthier and firmer, and then obtain better underwear support effects.

8. Find a sports bra that suits you

Too unsuitable for your sports bra will not only affect your sports fun, but also damage breast tissue.Choose a sports bra that suits you to protect your chest and underwear while providing additional support.When choosing sports underwear, you must also choose the style and size that suits you according to your physical characteristics.

9. Combined with other health habits

Health habits also affect the support effect of the chest.Maintaining good sitting positions, wearing back supporting clothing correctly, often walking and stretching habits are helpful to keep the chest tight and strong.Combined with other health habits, it also helps improve the support effect of sexy underwear.

10. Adjust the mentality

Finally, don’t forget the effect of underwear’s support effects related to mentality.In a state of joy, confidence, and relaxation, the state of the chest will be more compact, and the effect of the underwear can be better reflected.Therefore, adjusting the mentality and making yourself beautiful from the inside out is also an important factor to ensure that sexy underwear supports.


Through the correct size, style and material selection, the correct way of dressing and healthy living habits, it can improve the supporting effect of sexy underwear.If your sexy lingerie can’t support it, don’t be too lost, the correct solution must exist.Maintaining a good mentality, exuding self -confidence and beauty from the inside out, is also an important factor in gaining the perfect support effect.

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