When is it suitable for giving a girlfriend and fun underwear


Sex underwear is a special women’s underwear. Its sexy and charm usually make women feel confident and beautiful.Many men have a question: When is it suitable for giving a girlfriend’s sexy underwear?This article will answer this question, hoping to help you better understand the applicable occasions of love underwear.


First of all, we need to realize the importance of the occasion when choosing to send a girlfriend’s sexy underwear.Sex underwear is usually regarded as a romantic and private gift. Therefore, sending sex underwear on appropriate occasions will be more meaningful and understandable.

Commemorative day

Your girlfriend’s birthday or the day when you just started to deal with is a good time to send sex underwear.This is a chance to show how special you are for her. You can choose some meaningful elements from the time you have passed, such as her favorite color or your common hobbies to choose the style of sexy underwear.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is an ideal festival to send sex underwear, because this is a romantic and sex festival.You can choose some sexy underwear with festive atmosphere, such as exquisite lace or heart -shaped underwear to increase the festive atmosphere.

Memorial Day Gift

The commemorative day gifts can be from ordinary anniversary to marriage anniversary, which is to celebrate your time and experience together.Sending sex underwear is also a good choice. It is special and private enough to add a special surprise to your anniversary.

Love period

At the beginning of the beginning of the relationship, sending sexy underwear is usually impressed by his girlfriend.Of course, we must ensure that your relationship has developed to this extent, and at the same time, you must respect your girlfriend’s wishes and do not break her bottom line.

stable period

Sending sex underwear can also add fun and change when the relationship is relatively stable.Underwear is not only a piece of clothing, it can also be used to play with emotions and inspire emotions.However, you should also pay attention to your girlfriend’s wishes and feelings, and avoid acting or hurting her.

Special occasion

Some special occasions, such as getting married, are the perfect occasions of sending sex underwear.In this special day, sexy underwear can add your emotional connection and sexual vitality, making this special day more memorable.

Girlfriend’s preference

When choosing to send sex underwear, you need to consider your girlfriend’s preference.Different women like different styles and materials. Therefore, you need to spend some time to understand her taste and preference, so that you can choose a sexy underwear that is really suitable for her.

Your comfort

When choosing to send a girlfriend’s fun underwear, you must also consider your comfort.After all, you give a gift, which should be cute and romantic, not to bring discomfort and embarrassment to yourself.

in conclusion

Sending a girlfriend’s fun underwear is a special and private gift. You need to choose your girlfriend’s preferences and his comfort in appropriate occasions.Don’t easily break the bottom line of his girlfriend and respect her wishes and feelings.In the end, the value of sending sexy underwear is that it adds fun and surprise to make your relationship richer and fulfilling.

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