Where can I buy interesting underwear in Hangzhou

Where can I buy interesting underwear questions in Hangzhou?

1. E -commerce platform to buy sexy underwear

E -commerce platforms such as Taobao and JD.com have many sexy underwear products. The price is generally cheaper than physical stores, and the choice is also richer. You can choose according to your preferences.However, it should be noted that when buying, you must be optimistic about merchant credit rating and purchase guarantee to avoid purchasing unqualified products.

2. Sex products store to buy sexy underwear

There are many erotic products stores in Hangzhou. These shops generally provide sexy underwear products more professional and high -end.When buying sexy underwear in a physical store, you can experience the quality of the product in person, but the price may be relatively high, and you need to choose according to your actual situation.

3. Night market purchase sex underwear

The night market is a choice of buying sexy underwear. Every summer, the West Lake Night Market, Hefang Street Night Market, Xinyi Fang Night Market, etc. all have fun underwear stalls.Buying sexy underwear in the night market can experience local characteristics, and the price may be cheaper.

4. Offline sex lingerie shop buy sexy underwear

Offline sex underwear shops are a good choice for buying sexy underwear. Offline stores generally provide more professional services, such as trying on and customizing, which can understand product information and style more comprehensively.However, the price of this purchase method is relatively high.

5. Order sexy underwear online

Many sexy underwear brands also have online customization services. This service generally can customize sexy underwear that conforms to your body size.Customized underwear may be more comfortable than buying ready -made, and it can even create personalized styles.

6. Buy sexy underwear in the mall

Some sexy underwear stores in Hangzhou’s large shopping malls, such as Intime Department Store, Light of Hangzhou City, have a lot of sexy underwear products.Buying sexy underwear in the mall can enjoy a better shopping environment and better services.

7. Buy sexy underwear at cosmetic beauty hospital

The sexy underwear provided by cosmetic beauty hospitals is generally designed for patients with beauty plastic surgery. These underwear generally have the effects of correction and slimming.This type of erotic underwear may be more expensive, but it can truly achieve the effect of slimming.

8. Buy sexy underwear in sexual supplies franchise stores

Sexual products franchise stores are the choice of buying sexy underwear.The sexy underwear provided by such shops is more abundant and sexy, the price is more affordable, and it can also enjoy privacy protection services.

9. Buy sexy underwear at brand retail stores

Brand retail stores such as Victoria’s Secret, La Senza and other brand, generally provide slender sexy lingerie styles.Buying underwear for brand retail stores can enjoy the brand protection. The quality is guaranteed, but the price will be high.

10. Buy sexy underwear in private custom studios

Some private erotic lingerie custom studios also provide consumers with sex lingerie customization services. This service is generally high, but it can also buy high -quality and personalized and customized sexy underwear.


When buying sexy underwear, you can choose according to your actual situation, purchase needs, budget and other factors.In general, the prices of e -commerce platforms and night markets are relatively cheap, but it is necessary to pay attention to merchant credit and product quality. Physical stores and brand retail stores provide more professional services and quality guarantees, but the price is relatively high.

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