Whether the sexy underwear of online shopping is clean


With the development of the Internet and the improvement of modern people’s living standards, more and more people have begun to like to shop online.As a personal item, sexy underwear has gradually become a popular product for online shopping.

Is there a product control link?

However, many people are worried about whether they are clean and disinfected when they buy sexy underwear.In fact, most of the sexy underwear online stores have strict quality control links to ensure the quality and hygiene of the goods.

Disinfection treatment before the shelves

Generally speaking, merchants will disinfect them before they are put on the shelves.This treatment mainly uses ultraviolet or high temperature methods to ensure the sterilization effect on the surface of the product and kill any possible germs that may exist.

How to deal with logistics on the way?

During the logistics, sexy underwear will also be inspected and disinfected to varying degrees.Express companies will conduct basic inspections and seals on the package to ensure that the goods will not be polluted during transportation.In addition, many online stores will add a logo similar to the "private items, open it with caution" to remind the processor to pay attention to hygiene and confidentiality.

How to further ensure cleanliness?

Although after a series of quality control links, some people are still worried that the affectionate underwear has not been cleaned thoroughly.At this time, some online stores provide additional disinfection options, such as buying additional disinfection services, providing disinfectant or recommending customers to use their disinfection agents.


Although the sex underwear online store will try its best to ensure the sanitary status of the goods, consumers still need some details.

Before using sexy underwear, it is best to use a cleaner for cleaning.

When buying sexy underwear, it is best to choose regular, well -known brands and stores to ensure the quality of the product.

If you have symptoms such as discomfort or allergies after using sexy underwear, you should stop using it in time and consult your doctor.

in conclusion

In short, whether the sexy underwear online is clean, this is a question that you don’t have to worry about.As long as we choose a regular online store and follow the precautions of hygiene and confidentiality, we can rest assured to enjoy our private time.

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