Which brand of the shopping mall is good in sexy underwear


With the gradual opening of social atmosphere, more and more women are trying to use sexy underwear to improve their charm and sexy.But in the mall, many brands, styles and size sexy underwear make women feel very confused.So which brand of sexy underwear is good?

brand introduction

There are many sexual underwear industry brands, such as Victoria’s secrets, Aig, Bediqi, CHANTELLE, Aimer and so on.Among these brands, Victoria’s secret has become the favorite of women.

Style classification

The sexy lingerie is rich in style. It can be divided into bras, underwear, collienal underwear, sling underwear, body clothes, etc. according to the style.Among them, bra and underwear are the main styles.

Fabric selection

The fabric of sexy underwear can significantly affect the comfort and breathability of the underwear.Currently common sexy underwear fabrics include silk, lace, mulberry silk, etc.It is recommended to choose sexy underwear with soft and comfortable fabrics and good breathability.

Style selection

Women’s figures are various, and the style of sexy underwear should be matched with the figure.For women who are not very upright in the chest, it is recommended to choose a enhanced sexy underwear; for women with full breasts, you can choose the style of briefs and panties, which will reveal the sexy of women.

Selection of color

For the choice of color, you can determine according to your preferences and occasions.Generally speaking, black, red, and purple tones are more sexy, while white, pink, light blue and other colors are more cute.

size selection

The choice of size is very critical, which not only affects comfort, but also affects the effect of underwear.It is recommended that women regularly measure their body size and choose a size suitable for them instead of purchasing according to their favorite style.

Price positioning

The price of sex underwear, such as high and low, generally pays attention to quality and technology, which is guaranteed in comfort and aesthetics.Low -priced brands focus on the consumption of the mass market, but generally have defects in terms of quality and comfort.

Brand advantage comparison

Among Victoria’s Secret, Aig, Bediqi, Chantelle, Aimer and other brands, Victoria’s secrets have become the first choice for women’s hearts with their novel design, high -quality fabrics, advanced production technology, and diversified product lines.brand.

Victoria’s Secret advantage

The design of Victoria’s secret products is unique and novel in style, which can easily attract women’s interest.In addition, its product line is very diverse.In addition to sexy underwear, there are also various product lines such as clothing, perfume, cosmetics, which provide women with a comprehensive and full life cycle shopping experience.

in conclusion

In the case of mixed mall brands, Victoria’s secret is the best choice for women to buy sexy underwear.However, for consumers with sensitive prices, it is still recommended to make corresponding choices according to their own budget and need.

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