Which episode is Xia Lin wearing fun underwear


"Xia Lin" is a TV series with Ms. Xia Lin as the main character.In the play, the heroine Xia Lin is a fashionable and independent professional woman.In the plot, the scene of Xia Lin’s wearing interesting underwear has also attracted the attention and heated discussion of the audience.But which episode is wearing a sexy underwear?

Episode 6

Xia Lin wore black stockings, black leather boots and black stockings in the sixth episode of the first season, with a black keys bra and black lace triangle, showing her confidence and sexy side.

Season 3 Episode 3

In the third episode of the second season, Xia Lin wore a combination of pink lace bra and pants, and the outside with a pink casual jacket showed a sense of innocence and cuteness.

Season 2 Episode 13

In the second season of the thirteenth episode of Xia Lin’s sexy underwear, she was very eye -catching. She wore a red lace bra and lace briefs, paired with black tight leather pants and high heels to show her sexy and mature side.

Season 3 Episode 5

In the fifth episode of the third season, Xia Lin was wearing a black lace vest and black lace triangle, exuding a sexy and elegant atmosphere.

Season 3 Episode 17

Season 3 Episode 17 is Xia Lin’s wedding. She wore an elegant white wedding dress, and underwear was a set of red sex underwear symbolizing wealth and good luck.

Season 4 Episode 6

In the sixth episode of the fourth season, Xia Lin was wearing a black hollow lace chest and black lace briefs, and his body curve was perfectly displayed.

Season 4 Episode 18

Season 4 Eighteen episodes of Xia Lin wearing a set of black lace belly pants and black opening T -shaped pants, showing a smooth belly, fully showing her sexy.

Season 5 Episode 1

In the first episode of the fifth season, Xia Lin wore a lace milk sticker and mosaic pattern lace briefs, exuding a sexy and mysterious charm.

Season 5 Episode 14

In the fourth episode of the fifth season, Xia Lin was wearing a black lace bra and seeing the black lace triangle, exuding a mature and intellectual atmosphere.


Interest underwear is an important way for women to show sexy and self -confidence.In the episode of "Xia Lin", Xia Lin’s sexy underwear scene also fully shows the sexy and charm of women.No matter which episode, Xia Lin exudes his unique beauty and temperament.

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