Which model is Taobao sex underwear

Types of Taobao sex underwear model

There are many different types of sexy underwear models on Taobao to introduce them.

Real model

The most common sexy underwear models on Taobao are real models.These models are usually women, wearing different styles of sexy underwear display products.This model helps customers better understand the details and wear effects of the product.

Simulation model

Unlike real models, simulation models are not real humans.They are usually made of plastic or model materials to display the appearance and shape of the product.Such models are usually produced before displaying products, which can help buyers better understand the design and shape of the product.

Chest mold

Some sexy underwear uses chest models to display products.Different from real models and simulation models, breast molds only show the breast part to better display the design and shape of the product.This model is particularly suitable for unique products with underwear design, such as lace, lace and transparent materials.

Artificial model

On Taobao, some sexy lingerie brands use artificial models to display products.These models are usually generated by computer programs and can adjust their appearance and posture as needed.The advantage of using artificial models is that they can show different types and shapes, suitable for buyers of different types and shapes.

Small model

There are also small models in Taobao sex underwear. They are used to show small sexy underwear and accessories, such as sexy stockings, sex gloves, masks, etc. This model is suitable for cute styles that need to emphasize small size, and they are more convenient to carry.

Leg mold

In addition to chest molds, there are leg molds on Taobao.These models show products such as sexy stockings and tight skirts.The advantage of this model is that it can show the product of this part, so that buyers can better see the details of the product.

Head mold

The header on Taobao is used to show products such as hats and headdress in clothing.This model shows the shape and style of the product.This model is usually used for facial and hair kits and is used with other body kits.

No model

Finally, in some cases, Taobao sex underwear brands can choose not to use models.This situation is usually suitable for products that do not need to display effects.These products may be bright pink pants or transparent milk stickers, so they do not need to show the effect.


Taobao sex underwear has a variety of different types of models. Each model has its unique advantages and meets the brand’s display needs.Before buying, it is recommended to study and understand the product carefully and determine which type of model you need.Leading fashion trends, welcome to buy Taobao sexy underwear.

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