Which Taobao is good in sex underwear

About sex underwear

Interesting underwear, as a special underwear, has a unique design and different styles.From its type and style design, its use scenario is more prominent, and underwear used to enlarge gender charm and sexy charm.Therefore, it has a strong attractiveness and aesthetic nature, and can also satisfy people’s sexual fantasy and venting views.So, which Taobao shop’s sexy underwear is better?Next, we will introduce it to everyone.

Taobao search rankings with high ranking lingerie shops

Taobao is a very wide online platform. There are many sexy underwear shops. Some of them are ranking high and the quality is also very good.The following is a list of sexy underwear shops with high search on Taobao:

Aisi Fun Loves Flagship Store

Sexy Family Family Innerwear Flagship Store

Love and Love Lingerie Specialty Store

Show love lingerie flagship store

Angel and Demon Sex Specialty Store

How to choose the sexy underwear you buy

When you choose a sexy underwear shop from the search results, the following are some useful tips:

Read customer evaluation to understand the opinions of other buyers’ quality and size.

Check the reputation rating of the store, and it is risky to use a shop below the 4.7 score.

View product pictures and descriptions to confirm the style and characteristics of each sexy underwear.

Confirm whether the store provides free return services.

Confirm the payment method and the delivery time of the goods.

Sex underwear category

The following is the category of sexy underwear. Because everyone’s preferences and needs are different, you can choose according to your needs:

Open underwear and conjoined underwear

Sexy corset and bra

Lace underwear and lace underwear

Silk underwear and soft fiber underwear

Leather underwear and catwoman underwear

Falling underwear material

Material is also important in the selection of sexy underwear. The following is the common material of sexy underwear:



Soft fiber




Size of sex underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, pay attention to the size of the size and the size of each part.Here are some tips about the size:

Know your size in advance and compare it with the seller’s size.

Confirm the size of the waist, bust and hip circumference to determine the appropriate size.

If you want to buy a tight underwear, consider buying underwear larger than your normal size than you.

Sales of sex underwear

When you choose to buy sexy lingerie, it is also important to understand the maintenance of love underwear.Here are some basic maintenance tips:

Sex underwear should be washed in warm water

Do not use hot water to clean up sexy underwear

The sexy underwear should be dried in a cool and dry place, don’t be exposed to the sun

Do not use bleach

What affects the choice of sexy underwear

Several factors may affect your choice when choosing sexy underwear. These factors may include:

Your personal taste

Your body shape and appearance

Your budget

Your use scenario

in conclusion

In general, choosing a sexy underwear shop needs to choose carefully, and select shapes, styles, materials and sizes according to your own needs.In addition, the maintenance and maintenance of sexy underwear is also very important.Finally, the combination of good sexy underwear and consumers’ own self -confidence and sexy charm will definitely bring endless charm and encounter.

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