Why is there no picture on the online sex underwear evaluation

Why are there few pictures on online sex underwear evaluation?

Many people go to the Internet when they buy sexy underwear, but they find that there are very few pictures in the evaluation.This is because sexy underwear is a private product, and most people are unwilling to expose it publicly.

How to correctly refer to the evaluation of sexy underwear?

Although lack of picture evaluation, we can still start from the following aspects to correctly refer to the evaluation:

Read the text evaluation carefully to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the buyer’s experience and the advantages and disadvantages of sexy underwear;

Check the brand and reputation of the sexy underwear, choose a brand with good reputation;

Refer to the evaluation of the same type of sexy underwear, compare, and choose the style that suits you.

Should I buy cheap sexy underwear?

There are only tens of yuan in sexy underwear with a large price difference on the market, while the expensive ones can reach thousands of.However, we still recommend that you try to buy sexy underwear with a certain price, because safe and comfortable materials often require higher costs, and low -priced erotic underwear quality and taste are often not satisfactory.

How to choose the style of sexy underwear for your own?

When choosing a sexy underwear, we need to consider the following points:

Your physical condition, such as body shape, chest size, hip curve, etc.;

Your own sexual orientation and preferences, such as which color, material, style, etc.

The comfort and safety of sexy underwear, such as whether it is easy to allergic, whether it is easy to fall off.

What are the common type of erotic underwear?

Common sexy underwear types are:

Stockings: lace stockings, net socks, pantyhose, etc.;

Coach: short corset, long corset, sexy three -point corset, etc.;

Skirts: split skirt, school uniform clothing, lace skirt, etc.;

Set: uniform set, temptation kit, SM suit, etc.

How to take care of sexy underwear correctly?

Interest underwear is a private clothing, which requires correct care and cleaning to ensure safety and hygiene.The following are several important aspects of nursing erotic underwear:

Do not use a washing machine and drying machine, wash your hands and dry it naturally;

Use professional sexual products cleaner, do not use ordinary laundry solution, soap, etc.;

Don’t put it in the sun;

Don’t wash it with other clothes, it is best to store them alone.

Pay attention to what erotic lingerie wears?

When wearing sexy underwear, we need to pay attention to the following points:

Choose the size of your own size, don’t be too tight and loose;

You need to clean and remove the packaging before wearing to avoid allergies or infection;

Pay attention to the occasions and crowds of wearing;

In specific use, it is necessary to use it correctly according to the product description to avoid damage.

How to buy safe and reliable sexy underwear?

When buying sexy underwear, we need to choose safe and reliable brands and sales channels.Here are some reference standards:

Brand reputation: Choose a brand with good reputation, you can understand through word -of -mouth network, social media, etc.

Sales channels: You can choose official channels such as official websites and large e -commerce platforms for buying sexy underwear.

Product qualifications: You can check the qualification certificate of product test report, production date and other qualifications;

Customer service service: During the purchase process, you can contact customer service first to understand their service attitude and professionalism.

Ultimate point of view

Although there is a lack of pictures in online sex lingerie evaluations, we can refer to the brand and word of mouth. At the same time, we also need to pay attention to the correct methods of choosing styles, nursing, and wearing to buy safe, comfortable, and suitable for ourselves.

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