Women’s increased code sex underwear suits

Women’s increased code sex underwear suits

For women who are fat, buying underwear is a very troublesome thing.It is often worried because you can’t find the style and size that suits you.Especially in the style that needs to fit the body and highlight the curve, it is difficult to find a suitable increase set.But now, women’s increase in code sex lingerie set has become a popular product in the market. Next, let’s discuss the characteristics and selection methods of this underwear suit.

Material and style choice

The material of women’s size sexy lingerie suits should be used for soft and comfortable fabrics to avoid impermeable and uncomfortable elastic fabrics.In terms of style, you should choose a suit with heavy waist, proper corset design, and can highlight the body curve to achieve the effect of slimming.

Selection of color and pattern

When choosing the color and patterns of the sexual lingerie suit, the color of black, red, purple and other colors should be mainly used to avoid too fancy patterns and colors.This can not only increase the mystery of underwear, but also avoid too dazzling visual effects.

Collect of underwear and jacket

Although women’s increased code sex underwear suits are used as internal styles, if they can be cleverly matched with jackets, they can add a different sense of fashion and personality.For example, you can choose a loose long coat or a short leather coat to increase the layered sense of the overall matching.

Brand and price choice

When choosing a woman to increase the sexy underwear suit, you should choose a brand with a higher popularity and good reputation, which can ensure quality and after -sales service.In terms of price, you should choose according to your actual situation, and do not sacrifice quality and comfort because of cheapness.

Maintenance method of underwear

The maintenance method of women’s size sex lingerie set is very important.Follow the washing instructions and precautions on the underwear label to correctly wash and dry the underwear.In addition, underwear should be stored separately from other clothing to avoid wear and pollution.

The correct choice of size

The size of the female -increased sexy underwear suit should be selected according to her actual situation. It is recommended to customize it first, and then choose according to the corresponding size table.It should be noted that there may be differences in the size tables of different brands and need to be carefully compared.

Selection of occasions and frequency

Women’s increased code sex underwear suits are generally suitable for sex occasions, special birthdays, anniversary, etc.In view of its sexy and dedicated characteristics, it should not be used frequently, so as not to reduce its special sense and mystery.

Precautions for personalized matching

Although women’s increase in code sex lingerie sets, although they pay attention to personalized matching, they should pay attention to rationalization in matching. Do not blindly pursue boldness and strangeness. They must grasp their own style of wear to avoid destroying their own image.


Women’s increase in weight underwear suits have become one of the popular underwear suits in the market. It can meet the demand for underwear of the size of women, and can play excellent sexy effects on special occasions such as fun occasions.But pay attention to choosing and dressing, do not blindly pursue fashion and destroy your image and beauty.It is hoped that this article will be helpful for female consumers to choose and match women’s increased sexy underwear suits.

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