Women’s sex lingerie underwear and underwear straps


Women’s sexy underwear and underwear panties are a unique design element that makes women feel more sexy and more attractive.But people who are unfamiliar with the types of strap may be confused.In this article, we will introduce some strap types and use suggestions to help you choose sexy underwear and underwear that suits you.

Suspended underwear strap

The camisole underwear is usually connected by a bra and a bottoming pants through a thin band, forming a unique design.This underwear strap not only increases sexuality, but also reduces the sense of oppression of the bra and makes it more comfortable to wear.However, you need to pay attention to the underwear when using it to avoid causing the overall uncoordinated.In addition, selecting a soft band with a soft material is the key.

Lace underwear strap

Lace underwear is a common option for sexy underwear, and its strap design is often used to increase the decoration of lace.These straps can appear in all positions, such as back, shoulder straps, waist or legs.Lace underwear straps can make women feel softer and romantic.However, you need to pay attention not to use lace straps too much, otherwise it will affect the degree of freedom of breathing and movement.

Cross straps bandage

Cross -strap strap is a more popular design that appears in the form of X -shaped or Y in the back.This strap can increase the curve beauty of the back and shoulders, making the overall form more charming.However, you need to pay attention to the appropriate size when using, so as not to cause excessive pressure on the shoulder.

High waist strap

High -waisted straps can increase the beauty of the hips and legs, making women feel taller and slim.However, you need to pay attention to designing a suitable height to avoid uncomfortable wear.In addition, for the relatively loose design of the lower body, you need to pay attention not to go when you wear it.

Exquisite details

Exquisite details are a small and exquisite strap design that can be used as a decorative element of sexy underwear to increase the charm of women.This strap usually appears on the chest, back, shoulder strap or waist.This design is not only suitable for use in private places, but also with various clothing.

Tibetan abuse

The fine -tuning of the shoulder strap is a adjustable structure to the shoulder strap, which can adjust the length and tightening of the shoulder strap according to personal needs.This design is very practical when wearing a bra, which can make the bra more in line with the chest to prevent running.However, you need to pay attention not to adjust during use, otherwise it will affect chest health.

Low -waist strap

Low -waist strap can make the lower body more sexy and charming, often paired with various underwear, such as G string pants or T pants.However, you need to pay attention not to use it in public, so as not to cause discomfort and embarrassment.

Color matching recommendations

When choosing a sexy underwear, color matching is also very important.If you are not familiar with color matching, we recommend choosing a single color underwear, or choosing classic colors such as white, black, red.Underwear with too fancy colors is not only easy to match, but also may affect the overall sexy feeling.

Material selection suggestion

The material choice of sexy underwear is also very important, especially for people with sensitive skin.We recommend choosing underwear materials such as soft, breathable, comfortable, and easy to clean, such as cotton, silk, linen, etc.Avoid choosing rough materials or artificial fibers, otherwise it will easily cause skin allergies.


Women’s sexy underwear and underwear straps are important equipment for increasing charm and self -confidence, but for those who are not familiar with design and use, they may feel confused and uncomfortable.Choosing the type of strap that is suitable for you can make women feel a more wonderful interesting life.

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