Xu Dong Dong’s sexy underwear photos


Xu Dongdong is a much -watched actress in the entertainment industry in China. Her appearance and personality are very charming.Recently, she took a set of sexy underwear on social platforms, which caused heated discussion among many people.

Falling underwear overview

Sexy underwear, also known as sexy underwear, is a type of underwear designed to improve the quality of sexual life.It can be an independent dress or part of the underwear.

Xu Dongdong’s sexy underwear photos

In Xu Dongdong’s sexy lingerie, we can see her wearing a black corset, and the lower body is a high -waisted triangle of the same color.The overall shape is very sexy, and the skin’s luster and the curve of the body are very charming.

Introduction to Black color sexy underwear

Black -colored underwear is one of the classics of sexy underwear. It can not only modify the shape, but also increase the charm of women.

Advantages of high waist sex underwear

High -waist sex underwear, compared to low waist underwear, can better wrap the waist, make the waist lines smoother and make the figure more beautiful.

Xu Dongdong’s body and sexy

Xu Dongdong’s figure has a very good proportion. Xiaoman waist and plump chest make her a sexy representative in many people’s minds.

Skills of sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, we need to choose according to our own shape and personality.For example, women with plump figures can choose some sexy underwear that can help fix the chest to show a beautiful figure.

Falling underwear maintenance skills

The maintenance of sexy underwear is also very important.Generally speaking, we need to put them in a specialized underworld bag for washing. Do not rub it too hard to avoid damaging the material of the underwear.

Xu Dongdong’s sexy underwear style

We can see that the sexy underwear chosen by Xu Dongdong is very sexy, and they are relatively high -quality, which is in line with her image and personality.

Applicable occasions of sexy underwear

Sex underwear is usually suitable for sex occasions between husband and wife, making the atmosphere more ambiguous.However, they can also be used in some theme party -equivalent social occasions to show the sexy and charm of women.


Interest underwear is a good way of physical display for women, which can enhance self -confidence and charm.As a sexy actress, Xu Dongdong is also very tasteful in terms of sexy underwear.

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