Xu Ying Interesting Underwear Photography

Xu Ying Interesting Underwear Photography


Xu Ying is a well -known female photographer in China. She mainly focuses on sexy underwear photography. She has a unique style and has a strong visual impact.

History and development

Interesting underwear photography can be traced back to the United States in the 1960s, and has gradually developed into a special shooting style.In China, the development of sexy underwear photography has been limited by traditional culture and social moral concepts, and it did not gradually rise until the 1990s.


Interesting underwear photography requires high technical requirements, and photographers need to control factors such as light, angle, composition, etc. to achieve the best effect of showing the sexy underwear on the model.In addition, such works usually have strong color contrast and flexible visual language, and have strong artistic.


In erotic underwear photography, the figure and appearance of the model are important considerations.Photographers need to fully consider the body’s body characteristics and temperament to present the most attractive and sexy effects.


There are currently many different genres in the field of sex underwear photography.Some of these styles pursue the ultimate color effect, while others pay more attention to the comfort and texture of models and clothes.Each genre has its own unique style and pursuit.


Xu Ying’s sexy underwear photography is highly respected in the Chinese market, with unique style and great influence.Her work attaches importance to the feeling of color saturation and picture composition, breaking the traditional shooting method, and making more people feel the charm of sexy underwear photography.

Future trends

With the change of society and people’s ideas, the market prospects of sexy underwear photography will be wider.In the future, the shooting techniques and concepts in this field will continue to change and update, and various new styles and forms will continue to emerge.

Social Significance

Interesting underwear photography is not only an art form, but also represents people’s pursuit of beauty and longing for freedom.Through works, you can better provide effective guidance and support for topics such as sexual love, gender consciousness.


As a unique form of shooting underwear photography, it has strong ornamental and artistic, and also faces some technical and ethical challenges.In the future, we believe that sexy underwear photography will continue to grow and bring more beauty feelings and thinking to people.

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