You can wear a messy sheet

Fat does not mean that there is no charm

Many people think that the fat body is not beautiful enough and is not suitable for wearing sexy underwear.But in fact, fat does not mean that there is no charm, but you need to choose a style that suits your body.

Choose a suitable style

For those who are fat, it is important to choose a sexy lingerie style suitable for their figure.It is recommended to choose a strong cover style to avoid stomach and back exposure.The nightdress and suit are also a good choice, and the elegant feeling can cover the figure defects.

Select the right size

To put on the right sexy underwear, you must first choose your own size.Many people choose large clothes when they are fat to cover up their body defects, but this approach is not suitable for sexy underwear.Excessive underwear can produce folds, but it will cause unnecessary attention.

Utilize clothes with enhanced effects

Many erotic underwear have enhanced effects. Using this type of clothing helps to shape the body lines and increase curve beauty.Some underwear can even raise the hips and make the figure look more slender.

Avoid too complicated styles

Although many sexy underwear looks beautiful, be careful not to choose too complicated styles.Because there will be more tailors and auxiliary decorations, they often produce a sense of oppression, and they will not be comfortable to wear.

Choose thick materials

For those who are fat, it is very important to choose good underwear materials.It is recommended to choose a thicker material, because it will be more comfortable to avoid unnecessary friction and physical collision.

With the right shoes

When choosing a sexy underwear, do not forget to match suitable shoes.Not only can it increase the sense of proportions of the whole body, it can also help cover up the shortcomings of the figure, and it looks more slender.

Practice method

The key to wearing sex underwear is the correct way to wear.Be careful not to make underwear have unsightly effects such as folds and fat.It is best to adjust several times before wearing to ensure that the overall effect is satisfactory.

Self -confidence

One of the most important factor is self -confidence.Regardless of whether he is fat or not, as long as you are confident and attractive, you can show a charming side when wearing sexy underwear.Therefore, while choosing sexy underwear, you must exercise your self -confidence and make yourself more shiny.


Although she is fat, it does not mean that they cannot wear sexy underwear.Choosing a suitable style, matching shoes, and correct wearing are all necessary conditions for successful wear underwear.The most important thing is self -confidence. As long as you are confident, fat does not mean that there is no charm.

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