Youku sexy underwear performance

Youku sexy underwear performance

In recent years, more and more underwear brands and designers have begun to hold sex underwear performances in China, especially the live performance on the digital media platform has made sexy underwear go to the public’s vision.Among them, Youku’s sexy underwear performance can be described as a kind of much attention, because it brings people a very comfortable ornamental experience.

1. Introduction to Youku’s Info Underwear Performance

As a video sharing platform for national entertainment, Youku launched a series of live underwear performance live programs in 2018. Not only did manufacturers and designers have the opportunity to show and promote their works, but also provided the audience with the opportunity to appreciate novel underwear.

2. Background

With the development and progress of society, the pursuit of beauty has extended from simple external image and aesthetic standards to more diversified areas.The appearance and promotion of sexy underwear has attracted the attention of more people, and has become a sense of happiness in the heart of modern people.Ocontos can make you happy, and sexy sexy underwear can stimulate your sexual desire and let go of your nature.

3. Social role

The emergence of sexy underwear performances not only meets the curiosity of increasing people, but more importantly, to convey a positive attitude towards life to the society, making the public more open and confident.At the same time, this also provides underwear designers with opportunities to show themselves and promotion, promoting the prosperity of the industry.

4. Features

One of the major features of Youku’s sexy underwear performance is its live broadcast form, which makes the audience not only understand the clothing designer and manufacturer, but also the performances presented by the models. These performances are more natural, lively and authentic.Therefore, such performances are also very popular.

5. content

There are various contents of Youku’s sexy underwear performance. It is displayed for different brands and designers, and the theme display of different occasions, such as summer swimwear, Christmas special models, and so on.More importantly, these performances are usually innovative and interesting.

6. etiquette

Different from ordinary fashion performances, sexy underwear performances have their unique etiquette norms.This is to maintain the professionalism of such performances and avoid some unnecessary discomfort and embarrassment.

7. Design

I have to say that in design, sexy underwear is a very creative and humorous clothing, and different designers will also adopt different styles, from the freshness of literature and art to sexy hot and spicy.These designs can provide consumers with different choices and experiences.

8. hardware factors

In addition to content and design, the hardware equipment of Youku’s underwear performance is also quite good.The stepped audience seats and huge LED screens allow the audience to have a more free vision and more comfortable ornamental experience.At the same time, it also reflects the increasingly widely used application of digital technology in the entertainment industry.


It can be seen through the above content that the appearance of Youku’s sexy underwear not only satisfies the curiosity and aesthetics of the public, but also promotes the development of the industry and the progress of society.This kind of performance is not only a form of entertainment, but also its deep -level significance.We should admire its advantages, and at the same time look at its weaknesses.

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