Zhang Xiyuan sexy underwear video


Zhang Xiyuan is a well -known sexy underwear model. She has a rich experience in sexy underwear.Recently, she released a sexy underwear video, showing her extreme charm.This article will analyze the video.

Video background

In the video, Zhang Xiyuan was wearing black and sexy underwear and long hair shawl, which was very sexy and charming.The video background is a gorgeous bedroom with exquisite layout.

Sexy lingerie style

The fun underwear style in the video is a black lace camisole underwear. The upper is triangular, with a thin silk shoulder strap, and the bottom is lace T -shaped horse pants.This underwear is extremely sexy and perfectly shows Zhang Xiyuan’s figure.

Show details

In the video, Zhang Xiyuan’s movement is very skilled, and every adjustment is full of temptation.She is constantly changing her posture to show all the sides of the underwear, allowing the audience to feel the beauty of the underwear in a very short time.

Matching skills

In the video, Zhang Xiyuan paired the black sexy underwear with a black gradient long skirt, emphasizing the curve beauty of the figure and the slenderness of the legs.At the same time, black eye makeup and red lips are added on the cake to the entire shape.

Material Introduction

This erotic underwear is made of high -quality lace and thin silk, which has a smooth and delicate feel and high comfort.At the same time, lace design has increased the mystery and sexy atmosphere of women.


This sexy underwear is suitable for private occasions between couples, and it is also suitable for sexual elite occasions.Whether it is a surprise gift or a medium that stimulates sex life, this underwear is a good choice.

cleaning method

This sexy underwear should be washed by hand, and it should not be stirred with a washing machine.You should see the washing instructions on the label before washing to avoid using bleach or too hot water.After washing, dry it in the ventilation place to avoid long -term exposure.


Because the underwear uses high -quality materials and manufacturing processes, the price is relatively high.It is recommended to choose according to its own needs and economic capabilities, and pay attention to brand and quality issues at the same time.


Zhang Xiyuan’s sexy underwear video shows the sexy and artistic nature of sexy underwear, allowing us to better understand and understand the erotic lingerie.Choosing a suitable erotic underwear can stimulate interesting life and make life better.Therefore, pay attention to brand and quality problems when buying, and follow the correct use and washing methods.