Zhao County Fun Underwear Factory Address Telephone


Zhaoxian Fun Underwear Factory is a manufacturer of sexy underwear. It was founded in 1998 and specializes in the design, manufacturing and sales of love underwear.The manufacturer covers an area of more than 5,000 square meters and has a building area of more than 3,800 square meters. It has a group of professional designers and production workers.

Zhaoxian sexy underwear product types

The main products of Zhaoxian’s sexy underwear factory are: beauty erotic lingerie, sexy sexy lingerie, adult erotic underwear, European and American sexy underwear, etc. Each type of products are divided into multiple styles to choose from.Can meet the needs of different customers.

Zhao County Fun Underwear Factory Address Telephone

Address: No. 12, South Ring Road, Dongguan Street, Zhao County, Hebei Province

Tel: 0311-8888888

Zhao County Fun Underwear Factory Design

The design team of Zhaoxian Info Factory is composed of an experienced designer. They have their own unique style and superb skills in underwear design.The design team will pay close attention to fashion trends and market demand to meet the needs of customers as much as possible.

Zhao County Fun Lingerie Material

The materials selected by Zhaoxian Funwear Factory meet the national environmental standards.The materials we use have good breathability and touch, which can ensure the comfort and safety of customers while ensuring quality.

Zhao County Fun Underwear Factory Manufacturing Technology

In the production process of Zhao County’s fun underwear factory, international advanced underwear production technology and equipment are used.Strict control in each production step to ensure the quality of each underwear and make the underwear more perfect.

Zhao County Fun Underwear Sales Service

Zhaoxian Funwee Underwear Factory adheres to the principle of customer first and provides high -quality sales services for each customer.We will comprehensively analyze and understand the needs of each customer, and provide them with the most valuable shopping experience.

Zhao County Fun Underwear Factory Word

The continuous innovation and perfect quality of Zhaoxian’s fun underwear products has made us unanimously praised by consumers.We have become the leader of the sexy underwear industry.

Zhao County Fun Underwear Factory Thought

Zhaoxian Funwear Factory has an innovative culture and pioneering spirit, constantly pushing out new, leading fashion, and becoming the leader of the sex underwear industry, and continuously uses high -quality experience and service to promote the development of the industry.

Zhaoxian Fun Underwear Factory Prospects Outlook

We believe that "quality, service, innovation" is the core competitiveness of Zhao County’s sexy underwear factory.In the future, we will continue to adhere to innovation, quality and services, continuously improve our core competitiveness, expand our own scale, and make Zhao County’s fun underwear factory a leader in the sex underwear industry.


As a professional erotic underwear manufacturer, Zhao County’s Funwee Underwear Factory has won wide recognition and praise from customers in continuous technical improvement and marketing.We believe that in the future development, Zhao County’s fun underwear factory will become a better self and provide high -quality products and services for more customers.

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