Zhao Wei sexy underwear photo video

Demystify Zhao Wei’s sexy underwear photos

Zhao Wei, an actress and director of Chinese film, is highly welcomed, and is popular because of its high -quality film and television works and versatile talents.In addition to the film career, she can also be called a commercial woman, because she has also been involved in the field of sexy underwear, and has been taken a series of sexy sexy underwear photos.

Dressed in night’s dark red sex lingerie

This photo conveys the temperament of "charm" and "sexy". Zhao Wei wore a set of dark red sexy underwear. The overall shape is very elegant, looks very temperament, and also comes with a sense of mystery.

Black tight hip

It is a very sexy photo. Zhao Wei wore a set of black tight sexy underwear, highlighting her charming figure, especially the design of the hip -lifting part is difficult to discard her eyes.

The elegance of white sex lace underwear

White is a very pure color. Zhao Wei knows how to use it to show his social status. Wearing this white erotic lace underwear, it looks extraordinarily elegant and generous.

Seduce in the eyes

In this photo, Zhao Wei did not directly express her sexy, but expressed her temptation very cleverly in her eyes. Because her eyes were full of charm and desire precipitation, others had to dump them.

Black underwear showing muscle

This set of black underwear is very suitable for highlighting Zhao Wei’s trained figure. This underwear can fully show her muscle lines and healthy physique, and it is also reminiscent of women’s softness.

Sexy black tight underwear

For sexy clothing, black is a small and beautiful color choice. In this sexy tight underwear, through the clever control of his body lines, Zhao Wei has a more perfect part of the underwear, allowing herAfter wearing it, full of charm and temptation

The innocence of white lace underwear

The white lace underwear is very suitable for young women, while Zhao Wei chose this color without hesitation. In this photo, she showed the side that people had never seen through the pure texture, full of youth and vitalityEssence

Black transparent sexy underwear

For all sexy lingerie styles, transparency is a very special color, and it is also very difficult to grasp, but Zhao Wei shows this color perfectly.This black transparent erotic underwear just creates a sense of mystery and secret, and the elegant temperament also adds more temptation to the photos.

Black inlaid stone underwear

Zhao Wei wore this set of black -colored sexy underwear inlaid, showing her attention to details. The inlaid design of the stone fully showed her figure and created a light luxury temperament, which is very suitable for wearing in private time.


As a very successful film actress and commercial women, Zhao Wei represents the diverse development of modern women, and wearing a sexy underwear photo represents her other side.Her photos show the inner self -confidence, sexy side, and the grasp and understanding of fashion.Her photos show the charm of fashion women now, guide modern women to have self -confidence and self -love, and show her unique charm.