Zheng Shuang sexy underwear advertisement video collection

Background introduction

Zheng Shuang is a highly anticipated star. She often endorses many brands. Among them, love underwear brands have become a focus of her recent advertisement.In this article, we will explore the advertising video collection taken by Zheng Shuang for sex underwear brands.

European and American style

Zheng Shuang’s attempt in the sexy underwear brand advertising video is the presence of European and American style.In this video, Zheng Shuang wore a sexy black sex underwear, with high heels and red lips, showing his unique temperament.

Fresh and natural

On the other hand, in the sexy lingerie advertisement video of fresh and natural lines, Zheng Shuang wore a sweet pink sexy underwear to put on a lovely posture.This advertisement shows Zheng Shuang’s versatile side.

Warm color series

In the sexy underwear advertisement video of the warm series, you can see Zheng Shuang wearing high -value flower color sexy lingerie, showing her sexy posture.In addition, she showed her professional skills in photography and captured the hearts of many audiences.

Black classic

In the black classic sexy underwear advertising video, we see Zheng Shuang wearing a classic black sexy underwear.She puts on a variety of sexy gestures and expressions, creating a seductive atmosphere for the audience.

Hand -drawn

In a hand -painted sexy underwear advertisement video, Zheng Shuang wore a retro -style sexy underwear.The entire video is presented in the form of hand -drawn animation.This advertisement shows Zheng Shuang’s creativity and breaks the form of traditional advertisements.

Sexy charm

In a sexy charm of sexy underwear advertisements, Zheng Shuang wore a sexy red sexy underwear, showing her indisputable sexy charm.The fair skin and the devil figure are undoubtedly a selling point for this advertisement.

White series

In the white series of advertisements, Zheng Shuang wore a white sexy underwear.Her makeup is light and lively, conveying a fresh and vitality to the audience.The entire advertising video is very in line with the preferences of young women and is very suitable for brand promotion.

Pink girl

In the sexy underwear advertisement video of the Pink Girl Series, Zheng Shuang showed her sweet side.She wore a set of pink porn underwear and stood out in the sea of flowers.This advertisement combines the fun underwear with the natural scenery, which contributes a beautiful picture to the audience, which is unforgettable.


In a super -model sexy underwear advertisement, we saw that Zheng Shuang wore a black sexy underwear and showed a semi -distorted figure in front of the camera.She has an indescribable mystery and high cold in the advertisement, which is obsessed with the audience.


Whether wearing black classic or black sexy underwear, Zheng Shuang showed her unique interpretation of black.The black love series sexy underwear advertisements show Zheng Shuang’s sexy and mysterious, which stimulates the visual experience of the audience.


No matter what kind of sexy underwear advertisements, Zheng Shuang showed his professional and skilled skills.Her sexy posture and unique temperament brings the unforgettable impression of the audience.It is foreseeable that with the development of the sexy underwear market, Zheng Shuang will become more and more popular.