Zhengzhou Sexual Culture Festival Interest Underwear Show


Sexual Culture Festival is a free and open social activity, which aims to promote the fields of health, sexual culture and sex education, and improve the public’s understanding and understanding of these issues.In such events, the fun underwear show is also one of the popular programs.Let ’s take a look at the sexy underwear show of the Zhengzhou Sex Culture Festival this year.


The theme of the Zhengzhou Sex Culture Festival this year is "the beauty of praise", which aims to emphasize that sex is beautiful, natural, and healthy, promoting the public’s understanding of sex and health.And sexy underwear show is a way to show sexy and charm.

Underwear brand

There are many lingerie brands in the sex lingerie show, covering various high -end sexy underwear brands at home and abroad, such as Victoria’s secrets, lace poems, Sephora, Jovivi and other brands.

Clothing design

The clothing design of the sex underwear show fully combines aesthetic and practicality, and uses a variety of style design and materials, such as lace, silk, and yarn.Each set of underwear highlights the sexy and delicate side.The tone is mainly red and black, highlighting the charm and mystery of sexy underwear.

Model performance

The models of the sexy underwear show perfectly interpreted each set of underwear.They are graceful and noble, reflecting the brand’s quality and connotation.Everyone’s performance aroused unanimous applause and cheers from the audience.

Music effect

The music of the sexy lingerie show is also carefully selected by the players, setting out the atmosphere of the entire environment.Music accompanied by models and dance performances, allowing the audience to participate in the atmosphere of this sexual cultural festival more deeply.

Audience response

The whole sex underwear show caused a warm response among the audience.The audience said that this activity made them better understand the sexy underwear and the sex culture.Not only did they appreciate beautiful underwear, they also decided to pay more attention to sex education and health topics in the future.

Social Significance

The sexy lingerie show is not only a beautiful performance, but also the promotion and popularity of sexual culture.Although sexual culture is a sensitive topic, it has an important impact on the physical and mental health of the individual and the harmonious development of the entire society.Therefore, while promoting sexy underwear, we should also strengthen the publicity of sexual health and sex education and improve the public’s sexual and cultural quality.


Although the erotic underwear show can cause many controversy and doubts, from the perspective of human nature and art, it also has a certain positive effect.Whether it is to show aesthetics or to promote health, we should look at this topic with sufficient tolerance and open mindset.

Future Outlook

As a form of social significance and aesthetic value, the Sexual Culture Festival may have more development and innovation in the future.We hope that in future activities, we can see more diverse, tolerance and innovative sexual cultural display activities, and play a greater role in promoting health and sexual education.


The sexy underwear show of the Zhengzhou Sex Culture Festival not only shows the beauty and exquisiteness of the underwear, but also conveys the positive value of sexual health and sexual culture to the public.We should look at this topic with a tolerance attitude and a keen aesthetic vision, and we should also strengthen the popularization and promotion of sexual health and sex education.