The guest room has a messy sheets

The rooms are compensated for fun underwear: villas and hotels are popular

In recent years, more and more hotels and villas have begun to provide services with compensation underwear. This special service has been accepted by more and more couples and couples.

What is the compensation underwear?

There is a compensation underwear refers to a service provided by hotels or villas. Guests pay a certain fee. They can use a new set of sexy underwear and accessories to increase sexual interest and stimulate emotions.

There are popular reasons for the guest rooms to compensate for sexy underwear

For husbands and wives, sex requires long -term stimulation and changes. Payment of interesting underwear can bring different experiences and fun, and enhance the intimate relationship between the two.

The choice of the rooms have a lot of interest underwear

When choosing a room with a personalized underwear, it is recommended to choose a style suitable for your body and personality. It is best not to blindly choose a style that is too exposed.

There is a hygiene problem for the guest rooms to compensate for sexy underwear

The original intention of the guest room to compensate for a fun underwear is to meet the needs of customers, so it pays great attention to health issues, and guests can use it with confidence.

How to use the guest room with sex lingerie

When the guests use the guest room, they need to be used for the instructions provided by the store, and do not contain underwear to avoid extra payment.

The price of the guest room has the price of interesting underwear

The price of the guest room has different prices of interesting underwear due to different stores and different packages. The price of a set of underwear is about 50 yuan to 200 yuan.

There are precautions for the guest room to pay for sexy underwear

When the guests use the rooms to pay for the sexy underwear, they need to pay attention to protecting their privacy and security. It is best to choose reliable merchants and brands to avoid risks caused by sexual organs or bad behaviors of others.

The role of the room has the role and benefit of the fun underwear

The guest rooms have fun underwear that can bring stimulation and challenges, increase the happiness and intimacy between husband and wife, strengthen each other’s feelings, and create a pleasant atmosphere.


Although the rooms are not a necessity, it is not a necessity, but it brings a special experience and fun. Of course, while enjoying, we also need to pay attention to some security issues to ensure our privacy and security.

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