The latest sex lingerie sample recruitment

Background introduction

Interest underwear is a kind of clothing that has attracted much attention in recent years. It has unique characteristics in appearance and inner wear feelings.And making sexy underwear requires good craftsmanship and skills, and one of the most important elements is paper -like.Therefore, the role of a paper -like master is very important in the production of sexy underwear.

Paper -like duties

The paper -like master of sexy underwear needs to be proficient in human structure and body type, and can make paper samples that meet the standards according to model and design requirements.In addition, paper -like artists need to continue to learn and explore, and continuously improve their skills to ensure the quality and aesthetics of sexy underwear.

The latest sex lingerie sample recruitment

In the case of increasingly fierce market competition, the demand for making high -quality sexy underwear has continued to increase.To this end, we decided to recruit a group of experienced paper samples to join our team to jointly create an innovative sexy underwear series.

Application requirements

Candidates need to have the following conditions:

1. Has related to the work experience of making sexy lingerie samples, and those who have good reputation are preferred.

2. Make paper samples according to the design drawings, cartoon maps, and network maps.

3. Proficient in clothing technology and cutting related knowledge.

4. Familiar with the crafts of handmade quality testing and fabric quality control.

5. Familiar with CAD software and drawing tools, can complete the paper -like version.

6. Be able to actively cooperate with other personnel of the team to work, and have a sense of responsibility and execution of the team.


We provide the following welfare benefits for paper -like artists:

1. Provide competitive salary and options incentive mechanism.

2. Provide complete social security and housing provident fund.

3. Including company welfare, paid annual leave, national statutory holidays and other work and life scenes.

Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process is as follows:

1. Resume screening.

2. Interview link.

3. Publicity of recruitment results.

Contact information

If you meet the conditions and are interested in our position, please call the following call to get in contact with us: xxx-xxxx-xxxx.Or send your personal resume to our email: [email protected].


The production of sexy underwear requires many factors, while paper samples are an indispensable part of them.We hope that through this recruitment, we can find more excellent papermakers to create more innovative sexy underwear and push our products to a wider market.

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