The harm of sexy underwear to men

1. The pleasure of sex lingerie brings to men

In modern society, erotic underwear has become more and more popular with men. It is considered a way to enhance sexual life and bring physical and mental enjoyment.Especially for those underwear that have tried traditional underwear, sexy underwear will make them feel unprecedented novelty and excitement.

2. Cognitive misunderstanding

However, men’s enthusiasm for sexy underwear has also brought misunderstandings to some people. They believe that men wearing this underwear can enhance self -confidence and better express their masculinity.This is a completely wrong concept, which may cause adverse effects on personal image.

3. Effect on sexual health

The tightness and local stimulation of sexy underwear will bring pleasure to people in a short time, but if continuous use will have a negative impact on physical health.For a long time, excessive stimulation causes stimulation to organs such as penis, which may lead to a decline in sexual dysfunction and the quality of sexual life.

4. Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

If men really want to try sexy underwear in sex, it is important to choose underwear that suits them.First of all, buy materials with good breathability to avoid bacterial breeding.Secondly, underwear should be comfortable for your body type, and do not give up health to pursue beauty.

5. Don’t ignore cleaning hygiene

The cleaning and hygiene of sexy underwear are also very important.It is recommended to clean it immediately after use to avoid odor and bacterial breeding.For some disinfection materials that need to be cautious, special attention needs to be paid to disinfection, so as not to expose it directly to avoid deterioration of materials.

6. The concept must be healthy

In foreign countries, sexy underwear is no longer a taboo topic. It is deeply rooted in people’s lives. The advertisements of some well -known sexy underwear manufacturers are bold and creative.In Chinese traditional concepts, sexual topics are often regarded as privacy, and sexy underwear is often misunderstood as vulgar.But sex is an important part of life. Changing traditional concepts and scientific development is the path of healthy development.

7. Try when both sides agree

Trying erotic underwear should be carried out in the case of both sides agreed and willing. If it is just to satisfy the desire of one party, this behavior will bring negative emotions and harm.The two sides understand and respect each other is the prerequisite for trying to correctly try to make sexy lingerie.

8. Sex life is not just sexy underwear

Sexual life and sexy underwear are not the concept of equivalent, it is just one of sex toys.And a healthy sexual lifestyle should be based on respect and mutual understanding, rather than simply seeking stimulation or satisfaction.Interest underwear is just one of many sexual methods, and it should not be the only means in sex life.

9. Follow your own physical response

Men should pay attention to their physical reactions when using sexy underwear.For example, if there is discomfort and odor, if there is obvious discomfort, discontinue sex underwear and consult a doctor in time.Physical health is a more important factor than any stimulus.

10. The correct way to use sex underwear

The correct use of erotic underwear and the use of the instructions provided in the manual is basically the same, and it is necessary to follow the usage.Do not pull too much, avoid stimulation to sensitive parts, do not use frequently, cause excessive damage to the body.Interest underwear is a cake toy. It should be based on health and safety. Do not pursue the pleasure to harm your health.

in conclusion

Sex underwear is a toy in sex. The use of health, safety, scientific use and correct mentality is the necessary condition for using sexy underwear.In pursuit of a good sex life, men should establish a correct attitude, learn the correct ways of use, and respect the feelings of themselves and their partners, so as to gain the best experience in life.

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