What should I do if I do not open the files and the lingerie fishing net

What should I do if I do n’t open the stall in the erotic lingerie?

Interesting underwear is a fashion single that has become more and more popular in recent years. As a prop to express sexy and charm, it is loved by female users.As a kind of sexy underwear, fishing nets are undoubtedly the most popular type of underwear.However, what should I do if the fishing net does not open the file in the wear?This article will answer you.

What are the reasons why the sex underwear fishing net does not open?

First of all, you need to understand the reasons for the unwanted files.Common reasons are: inappropriate sizes lead to loose underwear; incorrect wear methods lead to shift of underwear; underwear materials are too soft and lack of elasticity; underwear quality is not good.

How to prevent the situation where the sex underwear fishing net does not open?

1. Select the right size.First of all, you must choose your own suitable underwear size. The underwear is dressed closely. If the size is too small or too much, it will affect the comfort of wearing;

2. The method of dressing is correct.Putting erotic underwear correctly can reduce the shift of underwear. It is also important to adjust underwear regularly;

3. Pay attention to underwear materials.Choose underwear made of high -quality and elastic latex, fiber and other materials to ensure the beauty of comfort and wear;

4. Choose high -quality underwear.Choose sexy underwear with a good reputation and high brand reputation to ensure the quality of the underwear.

What should I do if I do n’t open the gear of sex underwear fishing nets?

1. Sit.First of all, don’t panic, sit down quietly, let your body relax, don’t run to the bathroom or run out, this will only be more noticeable;

2. Touch the feel.Try to feel the temperature of the body, you can close your eyes, and feel the temperature of the body. If the underwear is only a bit ripped, you can try to adjust it quietly with your hands;

3. By the help of clothing.If the underwear is unfortunately destroyed, you need to deal with it quickly. You can use clothes, such as clothes and jackets to cover and remedy;

4. Inappropriate situation.If the situation is not convenient, you can adjust the position of the pants slightly to reduce the explicit situation in order to respond and adjust slowly.

How to avoid the embarrassment of erotic underwear fishing nets without opening files?

1. Reduce wear time.Interest underwear and unconventional to wear, you can wear it as needed, do not wear a long time to reduce the embarrassing situation that the fishing net does not open;

2. Select a complete occasion.Do not wear sexy underwear to regular occasions to avoid unnecessary trouble;

3. Discussion with your partner.If the sexy underwear is to create a romantic atmosphere with your partner, you can discuss the time and occasions of wearing with your partner, and try to avoid wearing in front of strangers such as friends and family members.

What are the wearing skills of the sex underwear fishing nets?

1. Creative method.You can wear more loose skirts or corresponding emergency items with fishing net underwear, such as cashmere coats, sweaters, etc. to deal with the situation where the fishing net does not open;

2. Proper adjustment.Wearing a fishing net underwear, the most important thing is to adjust appropriately, check at any time to prevent the fishing net from opening the file;

3. The existence of spare tires.Wearing a fishing net underwear, it is best to prepare some colorful underwear. When the fishing net does not open, it can be used as a "spare tire" replacement.

How to repair the sex underwear fishing net?

Unfortunately, if the fishing net does not open the file, you need to repair it as soon as possible to avoid continuing to be exposed?The following is a better repair method:

1. Dress "spare tires".Prepare some colorful lingerie to replace it;

2. Use tape.You can use tape to make simple binding, but you should pay attention to use in clothes to ensure that the tape is not easily discovered when walking;

3. Switch on your own.If you have time, you can also sew it by yourself to ensure that there is no open file.

How to maintain the fishing net without opening underwear?

1. Avoid excessive washing.Fishing net underwear is a cheaper underwear product. It is easy to lose elasticity when washing, so do not need to be cleaned every time after wearing it;

2. Keep dry.Dry underwear in time to prevent underwear from moisture, which will cause leakage;

3. Place the protective bag.Putting sex underwear in the protective bag can avoid damage caused by zipper, hooks and other products.

How can I wear different sexy underwear styles?

1. Cooperate with various elements.For example, pattern, material, color, etc. are all elements that need to be paid attention to. Do not ignore it;

2. Add jewelry.You can create a different style of sexy underwear by adding jewelry, such as hairy collar or lipstick;

3. Personal choice.Choose elements such as the style and color that you like, which is similar to building a gradual style based on personality.


Fishing nets do not open files are a common problem facing sexy underwear, but through reasonable and detailed wear and maintenance, it can still solve this problem.I hope everyone is more and more handy when wearing fun underwear!

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