Why is sexy underwear average

Why is sexy underwear the reason why it is average?

As a special underwear, sex underwear is different from ordinary underwear. It pays more attention to the creation of sexy and romantic sense. It is more novel and creative in style. It is suitable for the use of couples. However, many people will feel confused.Why are underwear average?

What is a mean underwear

The average underwear is also called "Free Size", that is, "Free Size", which is a "one shoe suitable for everyone to wear" underwear.Due to the special nature of sexy underwear, in order to meet the needs of women in different body, producers have begun to produce underwear on the same size.The average underwear is generally composed of elastic fabrics, adjustable shoulder straps or other details.Although it seems that everyone can wear it, it is actually not necessarily worn.

The role of sexy underwear material

The selection of sexy lingerie materials has a great impact on the wearing experience and comfort.Generally, the material used in sexy underwear is relatively soft, comfortable and breathable cotton and fiber texture. At the same time, there is a kind of lace lace material. The exquisite lace adds the romantic sense of erotic underwear, and it will feel very comfortable to wear.

The design style of sexy underwear

The design style of sexy underwear has strong fashion and sexy. In the design, a large number of lace, silk and other shiny detail elements are used.Attraction.At the same time, sexy underwear also has some special designs, such as opening, hollow, transparent, etc. This design can increase the sexy and irritating of sexy underwear, and it is more suitable for couples to use.

Fun underwear brand positioning

Interest underwear brands are generally positioned as high -end brands, and they are better than ordinary underwear brands in various aspects such as raw materials, design, processing and after -sales service.In order to maintain the commonability of the code underwear, the manufacturer will design a large design in size design, that is, the size of the average underwear is more biased towards L code, XL code, and XXL code.Large -scale and standardized, and the average yard underwear produced is easier for storage, transportation and sales.

The limitations of the average underwear

Although the average underwear has a certain generality and can adapt to some special circumstances, for some special figures or needs, the average underwear is often not fully satisfied.Especially for some smaller sizes, the average underwear will wear a phenomenon of loose waist circumference and tight shoulder straps, or just fit, but the shoulder straps, buttons and other parts will cause pressure on the body, which will affect the comfort of wearing the wearing comfort.Spend.

Customized sexy underwear

For some consumers with special figures or needs, manufacturers will also provide services for custom -customized underwear. Consumers can provide their own body size and preferences, and the manufacturers can be tailored and designed to ensure the personal comfort of underwear.

Requirements for buying sex underwear

When buying sexy underwear, we need to pay attention to the quality and size selection of goods.Because sexy underwear has added a lot of fashion elements, the requirements for underwear quality and comfort have become higher.At the same time, the choice of size also needs to be combined with its own figure. If it is a special body, you can also consider custom -made sex underwear.

Point of view

Although the average lingerie has some deficiencies, the production cost of the average yard underwear is lower than the underwear tailor -made underwear when it meets the needs of the general.The needs of the person.Therefore, in response to the limitations of the average underwear, manufacturers should continue to improve the average underwear under higher technical and equipment conditions, and distribute more brands and series to meet the needs of more female consumers.

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