Wife passes to her husband’s sexy underwear

Wife passes to her husband’s sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a product that makes people feel the sublimation of the body and soul, especially for women. It can not only increase more confidence and charm, but also increase the intimacy and passion of the relationship between husband and wife.However, for some men, some misunderstandings and bad impressions may be caused by sexy underwear.Therefore, here, as a sexy underwear expert, I will introduce your wife’s skills and methods to pass the sexy underwear to my husband.

1. Preparation: Understand the brand and style of sexy underwear

Before his wife prepares to pass a fun underwear for her husband, the most important preparation is to understand the brand and style of underwear.There are many styles of sexy underwear, and different styles are suitable for different people and occasions.In terms of choice, women should choose according to her husband’s personality and temperament.

2. European and American sexy underwear: Double sexy underwear

European and American sexy underwear is undoubtedly a kind of sexy underwear. It has exquisite design and high -quality fabrics, so that people can feel a high -level and distinguished feeling.This underwear style is especially suitable for men who pay attention to taste and identity.

3. Adult sexy underwear: a must -have for creating romance and passion

Adult sex lingerie is suitable for men who want to increase their romance and passion. It can make the relationship between husband and wife more intimate and interesting.Women can choose leather or mesh and other materials on color and style, so that her husband can feel different stimuli and mood.

4. Buy according to the size: focus on comfortable dressing experience

When buying sexy underwear, women should focus on her husband’s size information to ensure that the size of the underwear is consistent with the shape of the body. It not only allows her husband to feel sexy and warm, but also needs to pay attention to a comfortable dressing experience.

5. Avoid excessive exposure: Moderate scale and more attractive

Although sexy underwear is regarded as a sexy product, while sending this temperament to men, we should also pay attention to controlling the scale to avoid destroying the elegance and beauty of underwear.Over exposure or bold underwear wearing will cause bad impressions to her husband, and a moderate scale can better show the charm of women.

6. Reasonable match: carry forward the charm of sexy underwear

Reasonable matching is an important factor in making sexy underwear the greatest charm.Women can cooperate with the beautiful underwear and high -heeled shoes, so that her husband can feel more unique and elegant, and increase the warmth and romance of sexy underwear.

7. Pay attention to the timing: create stronger emotions

The timing of sending sex underwear is also very important. Women should choose the time and place that make it difficult for her husband to do, such as on the occasion of the important anniversary, birthday, and meeting.This allows the atmosphere of sexy underwear to be stronger and increases emotional communication and communication between husband and wife.

8. Teach your husband’s underwear to wear skills: Tips to increase intimacy

Women can also teach their husbands to wear the tips to wear underwear to increase intimacy. For example, when wearing, you can choose to let your husband help hook or slowly solve it.Increase the sense of use and luxury of sex underwear.

9. Encourage husbands to express their feelings: the trust of increasing the relationship between husband and wife

In the end, the purpose of women to pass the sexy underwear to her husband is to make the two more intimate and trustworthy.Therefore, women need to encourage her husband to express their feelings and ideas, and respect the husband’s preferences and needs, which not only makes themselves more charming and beautiful, but also increase the trust and intimacy between husband and wife.


Wife needs to be considered and prepared in many ways to pass the sexy underwear for her husband. It should not just strive to be sexy and hot, but also pay attention to the communication and communication between husband and wife, making the relationship between the two people stronger and natural.

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